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                                          Partagas Serie C No.1


If there is a downturn in the demand for Cuban cigars in the market, then someone has forgotten to tell the management of the Partagas factory in Havana. Just a week ago, the fabrica was in full swing, producing hundreds of cigars every hour, with what appeared to be excellent tobacco, particularly the ligero, or the strongest yet smallest amount of leaf used for the blend of a smoke.

What stood out even more, however, was that a large number of the rollers in the factory were busy making figurados, or special shaped smokes, ranging from giant perfectos called diademas to the highly coveted and slightly shorter salomón. The gossip is that the latter will soon be a regular size of the Partagas label, although an official announcement on the size is still forthcoming. Regardless, the beefy perfecto is one of the most popular vitolas requested by aficionados on the island. Many of the independent rollers in the key Havana cigar shops seem to be spending most of their days rolling those cigars.

Another vitola at the Partagas factory that stood out during a quick visit was a new, limited-production cigar called the Partagas Serie C No. 1 -- what might be considered a super hermoso No. 4, although I didn't catch the name the rollers were calling it in the gallery.

The Serie C is now arriving in the marketplace as the second volume of the Colección Habanos, the annual release from Cuba of limited-production cigars packaged in a box that resembles a book. The first edition last year was a Cuaba Salomon, which was packed 10 to the box. Unfortunately, unless you were German, the 300 boxes were nearly impossible to find, because the German market received almost the entire production, thanks to a harebrained distribution idea of selling them to the market that bid the highest price.

This year the distribution will be less speculative, and the 500 boxes of 20 cigars will be available in most Casas del Habanos, as well as other selected cigar shops around the world. The price of the smokes has not yet been disclosed.

Apparently, Partagas made many different series cigars just after the Second World War. According to an official press release from Habanos S.A., the global distribution company for Cuban cigars, the series included A, B, C and D, with four sizes as a part of each letter. Unfortunately, what vitola fell under each letter was not mentioned. So far, the current Partagas Series now on the market include the Partagas Serie D. No. 4, the popular red-and-gold-labeled robusto, and the limited-production Edición Limitada 2001 Partagas Serie D No. 3, a corona gorda, like the Punch Punch and Epicure No. 1, among others. Both are super cigars. Recently scored a new production of the Serie D No. 4 92 points and the Serie D No. 3 95 points. 

The new Serie C No. 1 is one hell of a smoke. It is gorgeously rich and spicy in aroma and flavor, full bodied with loads of character. Of course, it is still very young but the potential is very high indeed . Scored it 93 points.

The Partagas Serie C No. 1 are certainly of beautiful quality, and they will only get better in quality on retail shelves.                                                              

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