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Romeo & Julieta Churchills  (4 Cigars)        Cohiba Esplendidos  (4 Cigars)
Partagas Lusitanias  (4 Cigars)     Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro (4 Cigars)
Hoyo De Monterrey  Double Coronas   (4 Cigars)
Romeo & Julieta Churchills
Romeo y Julieta
Origin : Cuba                              Format : Churchill
Size : 178 x 18.65 mm                 Ring : 47
Weight : 15.07 g                        Hand-Made
This Romeo y Julieta size is an expert. It is presented with and without aluminum tube and this only influences the freshness of the Habano at the time of purchase. It is perhaps the best Romeo and , therefore, a potent lover, rich in aroma, strong in flavor, arrogant; a genuine cigar for connoisseurs, which lets itself be enjoyed from the beginning to the end.
Cohiba Esplendidos

Origin: Cuba                               Manufactured: Hand Made
Gauge: Thick                              Length: 178 mm.
Vitola: Julieta                             Ring: 47
Weight: 15,07 gr.                       Size: 7 x 47               
Taste: Spicy                               Strength: Medium to Full

This is 'excellence' in the form of a cigar. Smooth draw with flavors of vanilla, cacao and spices, melt wonderfully in a perfect pas-de-deux of power and taste in a total equilibrium. This is truly, a classic cigar.
A perfect fit for the more experienced palate. From the first draw, you will feel the Esplendidos' instant vigor. Light up your senses with the wonderful harmony of strong aromas.
Partagas Lusitanias
Length: 7.6 inches (194mm)            Factory Shape: Prominentes
Ring Gauge: 49                              Strength: Full
If we have called some Habanos kings of the size range, we are now in the presence of a genuine emperor. For many smokers, it is the indisputable number one. If you have scaled all the heights of the art of smoking, where you dare, you will not want to know anything about the others. It is the Habano par excellence of great events, public or private. Giving yourself a Lusitania from Partagas giving yourself the pleasure of smoking one of the best cigars in the world.
Hoyo De Monterrey  Double Coronas
Hoyo de Monterrey
Name: Doble Coronas                    Brand: Hoyo de Monterrey de Jose Gener
Factory Name: Prominente            Size: 194 x 19.45 mm.
Ring: 49                                        Weight: 17.86
Hand-Made Cuban Cigar              Score: 8.5 out of 10
One of the best Prominentes of the size range, like almost all the Hoyo de Monterrey formats, it is excellent, oily, robust and with powerfull flavor and aroma. This Doble Corona (Double Corona) has been, in a manner of speaking, the root that has fed all the new generation Habanos. Spongier than the Lusitanias and the Doble coronas from Punch, it also seems bigger when in the hand.
Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro
Vegas Robaina
Origin : Cuba                                 Format : Double Corona (Prominente)
Size : 194 x 19.45 mm                   Ring : 49
Weight : 17.86 g                           Hand-Made
A size coming to enrich this format so appreciated by great cigar smokers. The special selection of its leaves and the quality of its wrapper make the Doble Corona by Vegas Robaina one of the best surprises bequeathed us by Cuban tobacco experts. Of medium-to-strong flavor and excellently presented, its combustion and draw make this Habano a long-smoke, after-dinner cigar.
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